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Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck Surgery in İstanbul

What is Tummy Tuck?

Tummy Tuck is an operation that has been performed for many years in the medical literature on abdominal aesthetics. Especially after giving birth, women experience problems due to sagging in the belly and abdomen areas. Surgical interventions are performed to get rid of these sagging. It is performed using different techniques than normal tummy tuck surgeries. In tummy tuck operations, the sagging and deformed parts below the belly button become aesthetically pleasing after the operation. Thanks to this technique known as Tummy Tuck, there are other areas that are shaped together with the lower abdomen. These are the waist, abdomen and groin.

Plastic surgery procedures are applied in cases where lubrication and sagging continue despite the diet and all sports activities. The Tummy Tuck method is preferred by women with a lot of abdominal fat and sagging skin and thin abdominal wall.

  • Having no elastic structure in the abdomen and skin sagging problem,

  • Diets don't work

  • Those who are overweight,

  • Those who experience extreme weight loss

  • Those who experience deformation in the abdomen after pregnancy,

  • Tummy Tuck techniques are applied in cases such as skin sagging due to aging.

In women, many procedures can be performed when it comes to lubrication in the waist, groin and abdomen. It thins the lubricated areas with techniques such as laser liposuction, laser lipolysis, hi-def liposuction before the operation. After the shaping that occurs with the thinning, the tummy tuck operation is performed and positive results are obtained after the chain procedures.

Among the candidates to whom Tummy Tuck operations can be performed, there are also those who gain weight during pregnancy and experience sagging after delivery.

In addition, very effective results are obtained in people with sagging that occur in people who are very overweight and lose up to 30 kilograms.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Tummy Tuck

In Which Regions Is It Effective?

People care a lot about their body shape. Methods such as diets, lipolysis and liposuction are a process that is applied to those who always want to stay in shape. Those who are uncomfortable with the lubrication and sagging in the waist regions can get successful results from the Tummy Tuck application.

It should be noted that this technique is not a weight loss technique. It is just an application to provide balance on the body. It provides the elimination of aesthetically unsightly situations.


What should be done before tummy tuck surgery?

When the Tummy Tuck technique is desired to be applied, excess weight, if any, must be lost first. Although it is thought to be useful for weight loss in some thoughts, it is very wrong to think of losing weight with this technique. Because it is a surgical operation, those who want to have an operation related to abdominal aesthetics can have this procedure if they do not plan to become pregnant. It is recommended that those who are considering having a child should leave this technique application to the post-pregnancy and breastfeeding period. As with any surgery, the width of the area also affects the healing process. For this, drugs are used with a doctor's prescription. Getting up early and doing the recommended movements will speed up the healing process.

What is the process after tummy tuck surgery?

Tummy tuck scars begin to turn to skin color in 9-12 months. Regular exercise and diet positively affect the recovery process of tummy tuck surgery.

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