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Thigh Lift

Thigh Lift Surgery in İstanbul

What is Thigh Lift

Thigh lift operation over time, due to weight gain, pregnancy, or the effects of time, the skin inside the thigh sags. In particular, the skin in the thigh is a region that is very prone to sagging. The stretching of the skin as a result of weight changes sometimes cannot recover and the skin sags. Such patients are particularly disturbed by the friction of this area against each other while walking. In summer, discomfort such as diaper rash and fungus may occur. In addition to these medical problems, they may also be uncomfortable in their private lives aesthetically.

One of the most important criteria when evaluating the patient is the evaluation of the skin quality in the thigh area, excess fat, and the patient's expectations. If lubrication in the inner thighs is not accompanied by skin sagging, only laser liposuction provides both sufficient thinning and adequate skin recovery in that area. If there is a slight loosening of the skin, I think that classical liposuction should not be applied to this area at all. Because after classical liposuction, irregularities and pits may occur on the skin. Since laser liposuction will collect the skin to some extent, it prevents the formation of irregularities on the skin. If there is significant sagging on the skin in addition to fat on the inner thigh, then liposuction alone will not give a good result. Thigh lift surgery should be applied. Thigh lift surgery can be combined with laser liposuction surgery. In this way, the excess fat areas in the remaining parts of the thigh are thinned and a better appearance is gained.

Thigh lift surgery is the general process of removing the sagging fat tissue and excess skin in the thigh.

Surgery and recovery process

Thigh lift surgery is generally performed by applying local or general anesthesia to the patients. Although it varies according to the size of the surgery to be performed, the surgery will usually take 1-2 hours. Patients can be discharged within 1-2 days. Elliptical skin and adipose tissue are removed through an incision extending from the groin area to the inner thigh. Excess skin is pulled up by stretching and sutured to the groin area. The incision scar is hidden in the fold scar in the groin area and inner thigh and becomes vague in the form of a line over time.

There is no pain problem after thigh lift surgery, it is enough to take painkillers. Since an operation is performed on the patient's walking area, excessive movements should be avoided, especially in the first week. Since the suture line is close to the urethra, it is important to avoid contact with urine. Since dissolving aesthetic stitches are used, there is no suture removal problem. It is recommended to use a corset for 3 weeks.

The single most important problem after the operation is the opening of the suture lines. This situation is especially seen in patients who do not have a good rest period after surgery or who do not pay attention to hygiene and urine smears on the suture line. I usually overcome this problem by holding a urinary catheter and applying a waterproof dressing for the first few days after surgery. The upper legs, which have become tighter and smoother than they are, are possible with the thigh stretching operation.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Thigh Lift

Is it possible to make a comeback from hip aesthetics and hip augmentation surgeries?

It is possible to return after hip aesthetics and hip augmentation surgeries. After the Butt Lift operation, the fat can be taken back by liposuction. Prostheses can also be removed from the body with a short surgery.

Will there be a permanent scar after thigh lift surgery?

A scar is formed after the operation. However, the incisions are hidden in the upper or lower groove of the butt. For this reason, although the trace is vague, it can be minimized by doing the necessary maintenance.

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