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Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery in İstanbul

What is Revision Rhinoplasty?

Secondary rhinoplasty surgery, or in other words, revision rhinoplasty surgery is the reoperation of a person who has undergone nose surgery due to an aesthetic or functional defect that cannot be corrected despite surgery or that occurs after surgery. This surgery can also be called secondary nose surgery.

If more than one area of ​​the nose will be intervened with the second surgery and additional procedures such as cartilage grafting will be performed, this surgery is called revision or secondary rhinoplasty surgery. If only one area of ​​the nose and a minor intervention is required in the second surgery, this surgery is also called retouching surgery.

How is Secondary Rhinoplasty Performed?

It is necessary to take cartilage for the second nose surgery and if there is not enough cartilage in the nose, it may be necessary to take cartilage from the patient's ear or rib region. Since all cartilages are usually removed during the first surgery, the use of cartilages in the ear and rib region is quite common. On the other hand, in some special cases, ready-made synthetic materials such as medpor can be used instead of cartilage.

Second nose surgery can be performed with open or closed technique. This choice is a situation that the surgeon will decide after the examination.

With the second nose surgery, the problematic parts of the nose such as the back of the nose, the tip of the nose, the wings of the nose, the nostrils, etc., which are important in terms of aesthetics and function, are intervened. The plan of the surgery to be performed is determined as a result of a careful nose examination and a patient interview with the surgeon.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Revision Rhinoplasty

When Can Secondary Rhinoplasty Surgery Be Performed?

In order for the secondary nose surgery to be performed, at least 1 year must pass after the first nose surgery. Otherwise, the success rate of the second nose surgery will decrease.

What techniques are used for revision rhinoplasty?

Revision nose surgeries are generally performed with open technique if the first operation was performed with open technique; If the first surgery was performed with a closed technique, it can be performed with an open or closed technique, depending on the patient's needs and the level of revision.

What is the recovery process like after revision nose surgery?

The recovery period in revision nose surgeries may be slightly longer than your recovery period in your first surgery. Surgery can sometimes be more difficult because the anatomical structure of your nose has changed.

As with the first rhinoplasty, there may be some bruising and swelling, but it usually disappears within 1 week. Just like you experienced in your first aesthetic nose surgery, your nose shape emerges at the end of the 1st month and becomes more elegant in the 3rd month.

The final result is reached up to 12 months after your revision nose surgery. In order to achieve a good result after revision rhinoplasty, close follow-up and following our post-operative recommendations are critical for us to achieve a successful outcome.

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