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Otoplasty Surgery in İstanbul

What is Otoplasty?

Ear aesthetics is a common practice. Otoplasty does not reduce hearing, and Otoplasty aesthetics does not affect hearing positively or negatively. Instead of living with deformities in the ears, having ear aesthetics with the help of a specialist will be the right move that will add self-confidence for life. When it is said what is ear aesthetics, the public usually answers it as the name given to the aesthetic made from the Otoplasty problem. But ear aesthetics is called otoplasty in medical language. In order to have ear aesthetics in congenital or subsequent deformities of the ear, there must be problems such as prominent, too large or too small, or larger or smaller than the earlobe should be.

How is Otoplasty Surgery Performed?

In ear aesthetic surgery, general anesthesia is used in children and local anesthesia is usually used in adults. Ear aesthetic surgery takes an average of 45 minutes. It is not a painful procedure. Ear cartilages are shaped with permanent stitches in accordance with the curves that should be, the angle and distance between the ear and the skull are normalized. In ear aesthetics, there is no visible scar because the incision is made behind the ear, from the fold where it joins the skull.

Otoplasty surgery, which is solved with easier and simpler methods than in the past, is treated with the right time and the right techniques. The surgical operation, which never carries serious risks, is performed using either local or general anesthesia, taking into account the age of the patient. Although this surgery process varies according to the condition of the deformity in the ear, it generally covers 45 to 90 minutes. Depending on the ear structure, surgical intervention takes place in front of or behind the ear. In the ear surgery plan prepared in accordance with the basis of the problem, the ear cartilages are shaped and positioned backwards so that they have a normal ear appearance. Since this process will be completely painless, it does not cause any side effects in children. At the end of the surgery, special bands are attached to the ear for 10 or 15 days. The incisions opened during the surgery are never obvious. Because the incisions will remain behind the ear.

Things to Consider After Otoplasty Surgery

After the operation, the patient can go home. Postoperative pain is very mild and can be relieved with oral painkillers. There may be slight bruising that lasts for a week. Swelling will generally decrease significantly in 1 week. The dressings are opened the next day and the hair band is applied. Patient can take a bath on the second day. In order to protect the seams that shape the folds from the inside in the early period, it is appropriate to wear the hair band continuously during the day and night for 1 week, and then at night to prevent it from curling while sleeping.



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Frequently Asked Questions about Otoplasty

Is it understandable that I had ear aesthetics?

​The prominent ear has an annoying function. It is a fact that children with prominent ears experience psychological traumas due to being offended. As a result of the intervention in the ear, the ear appearance of the person becomes normal. This can be seen from the outside. There is no trace of ear aesthetics in the person.


How long can recovery take after plastic surgery?

​There is a recovery period, which is also related to the person's condition. We can say that individuals who do not smoke and drink alcohol recover faster. However, the average process is about 3-4 weeks. From the first week, aesthetic life begins to normalize. It may take up to three weeks for the ear to regain its completely normal form.

When can I return to daily life?

​In all aesthetic surgeries, it is possible to return to daily life immediately after the surgery. However, there are still a number of procedures to be considered after the surgery. Such as not doing heavy exercise or being busy with strenuous work… Provided that the advice given by the doctor is followed, there will be no harm in following your work flow in daily life.

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