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Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgery in İstanbul

What is Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

Ethnic rhinoplasty is a treatment tailored to the needs of people of non-European descent. Natural Clinic recognizes that every patient is unique when it comes to anatomy, concerns and expectations. Another important issue to consider when planning rhinoplasty, that is, nose surgery, is the racial heritage of the patient.

What are the Differences of Ethnic Rhinoplasty and Traditional Rhinoplasty?

Traditional rhinoplasty and ethnic rhinoplasty are actually nose surgery. Both operations use the same approaches and processes to make cosmetic improvements. The most striking distinction is the anatomical differences between the noses of people of European descent and those of non-European descent. Ethnic rhinoplasty places special emphasis on different nasal structures and facial expressions and produces natural-looking results rather than a surgically corrected result.

While all rhinoplasty operations benefit from a surgeon's skills, ethnic rhinoplasty is much more complex and can only be performed by the most experienced plastic surgeons.

What Techniques Does Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgery Include?

Adding to the bridge of the nose and reducing the wings of the nose are traditional ethnic rhinoplasty techniques. Bridge augmentation can be done with the patient's nose or ear cartilage or using various implant products that are compatible with the skin. Reducing the wings of the nose, on the other hand, narrows the overall diameter of the nose and reduces the width of the nostrils. Learning the limitations of surgery is necessary to develop realistic expectations.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Ethnic Rhinoplasty

What are the advantages?

The biggest advantage and reason for existence of ethnic rhinoplasty is that it is carried out without disturbing and preserving the structural features of people's ethnic origins. Interventions in need of nasal deformations are performed without deteriorating facial features. And a suitable nose structure is created for the face. Apart from aesthetic concerns, if the person also has breathing problems, interventions for quality breathing can be performed together with ethnic rhinoplasty.

How Long Does Ethnic Rhinoplasty Take?

Ethnic rhinoplasty is performed under anesthesia. With the differences in the chosen aesthetic method, ethnic rhinoplasty usually takes three to four hours. One night stay in the hospital after the procedure is sufficient.

How Long Does Ethnic Rhinoplasty Heal?

One week after ethnic rhinoplasty, the individual can return to his daily life. At the end of two weeks, the individual can return to normal functioning. However, physically demanding jobs and activities should not be done. After ethnic rhinoplasty, the individual should avoid intense sun rays and solarium radiation for two or three months.

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