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Chin Aesthetic

Chin Aesthetic Surgery in İstanbul

What is Chin Implant?

When the facial structure is evaluated from the profile, it can be observed that there is a ratio balance between the chin tip and the nose. The chin tip, like the tip of the nose, is an important element that balances the facial profile. The tip of the chin completes the facial profile, therefore, the tip of the chin, as well as the nose, is the key point in determining and balancing the facial profile.

The tip of the chin forms the lowest part of the face as the transition point between the face and the neck. The jaw tip structure, which has important effects on facial expression, has a very important place not only in terms of aesthetic appearance, but also in terms of oral health. In this regard, chin tip aesthetics is applied in cases where changes in the jaw tip structure are necessary both in terms of aesthetics and health.

Chin implant provides correction of both physical and visual disorders that may be caused by the chin area that is smaller than normal or larger than normal.

In Which Situations Is Orthodontic Treatment Necessary Before Jaw Aesthetics?

In case of problems in the jaw structure, overlapping tooth structure or protrusion of teeth can be observed, especially in childhood. This situation can progress in time in the child and can cause both orthodontic and aesthetic appearance disorders in the following processes.

In people who want to have chin implant, the relationship of the lower and upper teeth with each other is basically discussed. If the person does not have a bite defect, that is, there is no problem in the relationship of the lower and upper teeth, orthodontics (dental braces) is not required before jaw tip aesthetics.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Chin Implant

How is chin implant Performed?

  • With chin aesthetics, a significant improvement in the aesthetic appearance of the face can be achieved, and a younger appearance and a more proportional facial profile can be created.

  • It is performed using general or local anesthesia.

  • An incision is made through the mouth or under the chin so that there is no scar after the operation.

  • The end of the jawbone is reached through the incision made through the mouth, and a pocket is created between the bone and soft tissue in this area. Necessary arrangements are made by placing the prosthesis in the created pocket area.

  • Chin implant can be performed by properly cutting the bone tissue in the tip of the jaw, bringing it forward and fixing it again. In addition, a facial profile balance can be created by placing a polyethylene bio-material or silicone chin prosthesis without creating any bone incisions.

  • In cases where the profile image of the chin tip is behind the tip of the nose, the chin tip can be made desired by applying a needle to the chin tip. Before this process, the filler material to be applied is determined according to the characteristics of the person and the evaluations made.


Is a chin implant a difficult operation?

  • Chin implant are applications that are performed quickly and easily, and are performed with procedures that do not leave any traces.

After how many days can the patient return to his normal life?

  • After how many days can the patient return to his normal life?

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