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brow lift

B R O W  L I F T

Eyebrow lifting operations: These are various aesthetic operations applied to the eyebrows and temples, which increase in volume with age, overlap the eyelids, add a tired and aged expression to the face. With these operations, the face gains a tense, smooth and youthful expression.

Eyebrow lifting operations:


These are minimally invasive surgeries. And it can be supported with fillers, botox and stem cell injections.

Laser applications and endolift applications support eyebrow lifting operations by tightening the skin and increasing skin quality.

For more effective and assertive results, if there is deformation and sagging of the eyelids, lower and upper eyelid surgeries can also be planned.

Why Are Eyebrows Important?

Eyebrows are one of the organs that give expression to our face, give meaning and complete our face. Having eyebrows that are close to each other and furrowed gives our face an angry and tense expression. The downward volume of the eyebrows makes you look sad and more mature than your age. While the eyebrows are too thin, it gives a completely different expression, while the eyebrows that are too thick make the face look very different. If the eyebrows are too tight and raised, it adds a confused and dull expression to your face. The fact that some eyebrows are sparse adds a baby-like expression to the face, while some eyebrows that are thicker and less touched add an innocent and youthful facial expression.

Eyebrows should be the way they fit your face. Very thin eyebrows may be popular for a period, very curved eyebrows for another period, straight eyebrows for another period. The one that is compatible with your face, eyes, forehead line, temple width and cheekbones is the most beautiful.

Aging of the Eyebrows

The eyebrow approach in the youth years and the eyebrow approach are different as the age progresses. As the age progresses, as the eyebrows get volume down and overlap the eyelids, as the loose and wrinkled skin on the temples looks older than your age, the approaches to the eyebrows change.

With gravity, our whole body is under the influence of a force towards the ground without being aware of it. With the advancement of age, subcutaneous elastanes, connective tissue, muscle tissue, adipose tissue are not as tense and strong as in our youth. This situation affects not only our eyebrows, our face, but also our butt, breasts, skin, and our whole body. It is not possible for the present or the near future to resist gravity, stop time, or give our cells infinite strength to stop aging. However, it is possible to age by getting younger with certain aesthetic operations.

For eyebrows, it is possible to remove sagging and provide a smooth and fresh look with eyebrow suspension, botox, laser applications and endolift applications.

Difference of Eyebrow Lift Surgery from Botox, Filler and Stem Cell Applications

The duration of the effects of the applications mentioned below are the times we observed on average in patients. It will vary according to the person's structure, environmental factors, the amount of application, and the rate of absorption of his body.

To remember, botox is the temporary blocking of muscles with botolium toxin. The duration of effect is 6 months.

Filling application is the filling of fine wrinkles and lack of volume with various fillers and supporting the skin to some extent in terms of quality and volume. The duration of action is 9-12 months.

It is to increase skin quality and youth by injecting stem cells under the skin with stem cell application. The duration of effect is 1-2 years.

Endolift laser application is the application in which the skin is slightly stretched and rejuvenated with laser technology. The duration of action is 2-4 years.

All these applications are successful applications that patients generally benefit from. But the duration of action is short. Minimal applications are sufficient for the majority of patients and they will be indispensable for many years.

However, the downward effect of gravity and aging cannot be prevented, and some patients experience downward volume, especially in the eyebrows and temples, due to genetic factors. More effective and more invasive procedures are needed in these patients. Although eyebrow lifting operations vary from person to person, they are small interventional applications performed at older ages. Other botox, filler, endolift laser, laser applications for these patients are supportive applications, not therapeutic preventive applications.

Effect Period of Eyebrow Suspension Applications

It varies according to the applied muscle hanging method. Of course, it should be noted that these periods are an average time interval. Because not everyone's aging process, body's reaction to surgery, genetic structure, quality of life, environmental factors, and stress level are the same. For this reason, results and duration of effect will differ.

  • The average duration of effect in the temporal lift eyebrow suspension method is 5-10 years.

  • The average duration of effect in the endoscopic eyebrow suspension method is 5-10 years.

  • In the eyebrow thread hanging method, the effect period with ordinary threads is 1-2 years.

  • The duration of action with French suspenders is 5-10 years.

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