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Breast Lift

Breast Lift Surgery in İstanbul

What is Breast Lift?

Especially in breasts that enlarge due to lactation after birth, breast volume decreases after the end of the milk cycle. Usually, the skin cannot adapt to this shrinkage, and when it is abundant, the breast and nipple droop down. In some patients, the reduction of breast tissue as a result of excessive weight loss may have the same result.

Breast Lift Surgery Planning

Breast sagging is classified in various ways. Generally, sagging refers to the presence of the nipple at or below the level of the inframammary line. If it is at or near the under-breast line, it is called 1st degree (slight) sagging. In this case, a half-moon-shaped part of the skin above the breast ring can be removed and the breast ring can be taken a little higher. In this case, a larger piece of skin is removed from around the nipple ring and the ring is contracted and sutured to the smaller diameter nipple ring. In this case, only a scar will remain around the nipple ring, but the ring will appear shrunken for a few months in the form of a bag mouth.

This appearance gradually decreases in 1-2 years. If this is not desired, the vertical short scar method can be applied. In this method, instead of suturing around the ring by shrinking, the upper skin opening is slid under the breast ring, leaving a vertical scar extending downwards (vertical short scar method). If the nipple is less than 3 cm below the inframammary line, there is a 3rd degree of sagging. In this case, vertical (keyhole) mastopexy is applied, which leaves an inverted-T-shaped scar in the pictures above. In this case, an additional horizontal scar will remain under the breast. However, the advantage of this method is that the breast can take a full cone and round shape.

In the vertical short scar method, there will be slight swelling in the lower part of the breast. This pot gradually decreases in 1-2 years. If it does not disappear completely, a small piece of skin is removed in the form of a horizontal ellipse under local anesthesia and the pot is removed. Apart from these, in the case called "pseudoptosis", the breast appears to droop as a result of the distance between the nipple ring and the under-breast line being shorter than normal, although there is no sagging in the breast. To correct this, breast augmentation can be performed with a small silicone breast prosthesis. Or the nipple ring is shifted to the higher point it should be with the vertical short scar method. Silicone prosthesis application is preferred as there will be very little scarring.


Life After Breast Lift Surgery

As a result of the surgery, the nipple comes to a higher level, to its normal place.  As a result of the surgery, there is a vertical scar around the nipple ring extending down from this ring in the front and a horizontal line under the breast (inverted T shape). While this scar is pink in the first 6 months, it gradually becomes white and the scar decreases. It becomes vague in a year or two. Rarely, if the scars are overly prominent (hypertrophic scars or keloids), it may require a second correction.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Breast Lift

Who Can Have Breast Aesthetics?

Breast aesthetics is performed for individuals aged 18 and over unless there is a medical necessity. It is not recommended to perform breast aesthetics when the breasts have not yet completed their development. However, if it causes health problems, sometimes breast reduction surgery can be performed under the age of 18.

Is Breast Lift Surgery Permanent?

After the breast lift operation, the breasts regain volume and become fuller; Breast lift surgery cannot prevent the breasts from rewinding. Due to aging or giving birth again, the breasts may droop again in the long term.

How soon after birth can breast lift surgery be performed?

Breast lift surgery should be performed at least 6 months after weaning.

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